Mattu Pongal Images 2020

Mattu Pongal Images

Mattu Pongal is the third day of the festival of Pongal that is dedicated completely to the cattle. People worship cows, bulls and other farm animals on this day. from all the farm animals, bulls and cows have been very special to the farmers since the ancient times. So, on the day of Mattu Pongal these animals are given rest and a well-deserved pride of place. Farmers therefore offer their prayers to the cattle and celebrate this day as thanksgiving to them.

On the day of Mattu Pongal people wish other by sending them Mattu Pongal wishes images and mattu Pongal festival images. This is a gesture of love for the cattle and sending prayers to one another. The Mattu Pongal images 2019 will help the person choose from end number of wishes online to make wishing one another simpler.

There would be so many results shown on the net that will give a variety of options to choose from. It has become a trend to wish each other on the festivals on all the social media networks. People put various statuses, stories and posts to greet their near and dear ones. Mattu Pongal images for whatsapp are the ones that are used to wish on whatsapp and likewise, there are other specialized images for other social media.

Mattu Pongal Images 2019

There are so many types of mattu Pongal images available online that it can sometimes become confusing as to which image to choose. However, to make the wishes look different from others, one can choose from mattu Pongal gif images and mattu Pongal animated images.

These images will look better than the normal ones that have just the wishes written on them. Also, there are other types of images available too that can be sent to the kids or the younger ones. Mattu Pongal cartoon images and mattu Pongal drawing pictures can be sent to them to wish them on this day. To wish the elders and relatives, mattu Pongal cow images can be used.

During the Pongal festival people make kolams outside their homes. Kolams are drawings or designs that are usually made with rice flour. However, some people even make them with chalk powder or rock powder. These are made on the entrance of the homes and make the homes look more beautiful.

During the festive times it becomes more essential to make a kolam and people nowadays prefer to make something unique from the rest. There are so many designs of kolams available on the internet in case one is confused as to what pattern to make. Just simply type mattu Pongal kolam images or mattu Pongal kolam with dots images on the search engine and there will be thousands of images shown.

Mattu Pongal Wishes Images

Some people out there always look for unique ways to wish their loved ones on the festivals. So, for all the people out there looking for different ways to wish on the Mattu Pongal day, they can consider the option of sending funny wishes. These wishes will bring a smile to the other person’s face and wish them for the occasion too. Look out for the ones that mention mattu Pongal comedy images on the net the job is done.

However, with so many images available online, it is difficult to find out which one has a good resolution, and which one doesn’t. to send images with good quality, just type mattu Pongal images hd, mattu Pongal wishes hd images, or happy mattu Pongal images hd on the search engine and results will contain only the images that have hd resolutions.

Wishing each other on the mattu Pongal day has been a tradition form the ancient times and some people feel connected to the festival even more by sending wishes to their loved ones in Tamil. There are so many types of wishes available online in tamil so one doesn’t have to think much as to what wishes to send.

Look out for mattu Pongal images in tamil and mattu Pongal wishes images in tamil and there will so many results shown in the native language. Also, sending these images in tamil to the relatives and elders make them feel very special.

The mattu Pongal images are a kind gesture of greeting the near and dear ones this festival. Find out what suits the best and send these wishes to people. Make the festival of mattu Pongal special by dedicating the wishes and prayers for the cattle as well as making your loved ones feel extraordinary.

Significance of Mattu Pongal

Mattu Pongal is the day that is celebrated in dedication to the cattle. Mattu signifies bull and the word pongal refers to prosperity. This festival is celebrated to welcome the season of harvest for paddy or rice fields. According to the Hindus, the celebration of Mattu Pongal is linked directly with that of Lord Shiva and his bull, Nandi.

Mattu Pongal is also known for Jallikattu, a sport in which people tame bulls. Also, Mattu Pongal is celebrated as a thanksgiving to the bulls and cows, and other livestock too. Cows and bulls in India have a very special place as the cows give us milk and the bulls are known to help the farmers with the cultivation of the crops by ploughing the fields.

The mythology of Mattu Pongal

As per the ancient sayings in the Hindu mythologies that are related to Mattu Pongal, it is known that Lord Shiva once sent his bull, Nandi from heaven to earth. Nandi was asked to convey a message By Lord Shiva to the people on earth that they should take an oil bath every day and have food only once a month.

However, Nandi gave a wrong message conveying that the people should eat everyday and bath only once a month. Knowing this, Lord Shiva got upset and asked Nandi to stay on earth for the rest of the life and help the fellow farmers by working hard so that they can grow enough crops to eat every single day. Since that day, Mattu Pongal is being celebrated every year.

And to wish your friends and family with these pongal images during this Pongal Festival.

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