Pongal Wishes Advance

Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu for four days in the month of January. This festival is dedicated to the god of the sun. the name Pongal means to boil in tamil and is celebrated as a means of thanksgiving to nature. The four days of Pongal include bhogi festival, mattu Pongal, Surya Pongal, and kaanum Pongal with each day having its own significance. During the festival of Pongal, various Pongal wishes in tamil are sent to one another. Since it is a festival of togetherness, people celebrate the festival by visiting each other’s homes and greeting them.

pongal wishes images

pongal wishes images

pongal wishes in tamil

pongal wishes images


pongal wishes in english

pongal wishes in english

Pongal Wishes in Tamil

The festival of Pongal is not far away, and many people have already started to prepare on how they will celebrate it the coming year. They start to clean their homes a lot earlier, plan on how they would decorate their homes, what would they gift to their loved ones and what will they wear.

Some people are so much excited for the festival that they already start to send advance Pongal wishes to each other before the rest. And during the day of Pongal, the Pongal wishes in tamil messages are flooded everywhere across the social media. The people who send happy Pongal wishes way earlier than the festival definitely cannot wait for the festival to arrive and are way happier to celebrate it.

Pongal Wishes in English

People celebrate the Pongal festival by being together, visiting each other’s homes and by sending each other happy Pongal wishes images. Most of the people prefer to send Pongal wishes in English to one another since it is the most convenient method to wish them.

Also, the Pongal wishes images are easily available on the internet, so they can be easily downloaded and used to greet others. However, there are people who still believe in sending the wishes in their mother tongue, tamil, and do so by searching for Pongal wishes in tamil, Pongal wishes tamil or happy Pongal wishes in tamil on the web. Also, there are many different kinds of Pongal wishes images in tamil that can be used in case one prefers to send the wishes in the native language.

Pongal Wishes Images

The tamil Pongal wishes have a totally different impact on the person reading them. The best thing is that they can also be used to wish and greet the elderly or relatives.


Sending the Pongal wishes image in the local language will definitely bring a smile on their face. However, the younger ones and children love to see something different and unique when it comes to the wishes.

They seek for some unique wishes so that they enjoy reading them. Under these circumstances, one can send Pongal wishes in tamil gif to them that are a fun way to greet them.

Gifs are basically animated images that convey a particular message to the receiver. Also, there are many kinds of gifs available on the net that can be used to greet the loved ones.

Pongal wishes in tamil gif will come handy in case one is looking for an animated image in tamil. Just look for some on the internet and there will be loads of options to choose from.

Pongal Wishes in Tamil 2019

People often don’t get the images of the Pongal wishes that they are looking for on the net. For this, try searching for the images or wishes that have been used in the previous years. One can edit the date on them and no one will come to know that they have been the wishes from the previous years.

It is simple to find inspirations by typing Pongal 2019 wishes or Pongal wishes 2019 in tamil on the net. These will consist of various kinds of images and wishes from the previous year that can be sent to people.

Pongal Wishes HD Pics & Images

Since the festival of Pongal lasts for four different days, each day is celebrated differently, which means there would be four different kinds of wishes that need to be sent to wish them.

On the day of mattu Pongal, the mattu Pongal wishes and mattu Pongal wishes images are sent to others. Similarly, for the other days of Pongal, the wishes related to those days are sent.

There are end number of sites that can be searched for finding the perfect wishes to send to your loved ones. Look for what suits you the best and wish them in the best possible way.


Seek for the blessings of elders and wish loads of good luck, prosperity and happiness to the younger ones. Celebrate the festival of harvest with joy and bring a smile on each other’s faces.

And to wish your friends and family with these pongal images during this Pongal Festival.

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